Where are airwave bags made?
All of our products are made in the San Francisco Bay Area. We do not produce/manufacture any Airwave products offshore.

Bag Sizing
Most of our bags are made to order. We get some basic measurements and adjust our patterns to your boards size and shape.

What measurements do I need to provide?
Width - Widest point
Nose - Width measured 12" from tip of nose
Tail - width measured 12" from tip of tail

Additional info:

  • If you have a photo, or can provide us with the year and model of the board, that is very useful to us for confirming shape and pattern.
  • Indicate how many fins your board has.
  • Balance point - For bigger boards (especially paddleboards — both prone and standup), give us the measurement from the tip of the nose where your board balance point is so we can attach the carrying handle in the correct place. It's such a simple thing, but there is nothing more irritating than a improperly placed handle.

Color choice?

Foam padding thickness?
You have the choice of 1/4" or 3/8" to choose from. We use a high-quality high-density foam. It's important to note there are a lot of different types of foams and densities to choose from. Do not be fooled by bags made with foam padding up to 1/2" thick; it's the density of the foam that is important, and that is what will protect your board.

If you are using the bag for every day use, 1/4" foam is sufficient. If you will be traveling or really worried that your board will potentially get damaged then order the 3/8" foam option.

Materials Used
We have been making bags and accessories since the early 80's and will only use quality material, foam padding and most important, zippers and sliders. All of our bags are made with UV resistant material. Light colors if sun exposure is an issue is recommended, such as light tan or light gray.

If your board will be in a truck, van, car etc, color does not really matter; we have an assortment of other colors to choose from. We do not make a less expensive/cheaper model bag— it's just not worth it. It takes the same amount of labor, and to skimp on material quality doesn't make sense— especially if you are traveling. Having traveled all over the world with surfboards etc., I have seen disasters of people with lesser quality bags with blown up zippers, duct tape repairs and other very creative ways to piece bags together. Not fun. Most importantly, we use only the large YKK zippers to insure your bag sliders will not rust out, or disintegrate later on down the line.

Since we do make all our bags here, if something were to happen to your bag, we are able to repair bags, rather than you having to buy another one.

Prices subject to change without notice. Prices can vary due to modifications or changes in design or specification of items.